With AviMan, you benefit from a holistic solution for your aviation company. The software solution for intelligent aviation management is tailored to the specific processes involved in flight operations, maintenance, training and certification as well as quality and safety management.

The new dimension of aviation management.

Efficient flight and crew planning: the complete solution

Flight planning and crew management has never been so easy. Create flight plans including route planning, assign aircraft to the appropriate flights and coordinate personnel. Logbooks are also easily managed digitally in the software and stored in an audit-proof manner. Even the sales process for your aircraft and accessories is rationalized by the software.

Quality and safety management

Improve continuously by documenting and evaluating risks and safety incidents and deriving the appropriate measures. Processes, guidelines and standards can be recorded in the software and their compliance monitored. Comprehensive reports provide an overview at all times and form the basis for the next audit.

Maintenance management

Manage your fleet, stocks and maintenance. Automated reminders alert you promptly to upcoming maintenance and ensure you are prepared for all inspections. The maintenance process is also documented in a process-compliant and fully traceable manner.

Training and certifications

The recording and traceability of all training courses is essential for ensuring a high level of quality and safety in the aviation industry. Plan training courses, monitor training progress and upload evidence and certificates. Everything is clearly recorded and complies with regulations.

Your advantages at a glance

Complete solution for optimized, compliant processes in aviation

Automation and data networking for flexible scalability

Data transparency and audit-proof logging for seamless compliance

Maximum security for flight operations and sensitive company data

We solve problems instead of creating them!

With AviMan, all information and workflows are combined on a cloud-based platform that integrates seamlessly into the existing aviation-specific system landscape, simplifying efficient operations and compliance with quality and safety regulations. The complete solution allows you to maintain an overview and act based on data.


It can happen that quickly.

Efficient digitalization ideas and strategies take time? That's right. But we have already pre-invested this time for our customers in the form of a practical "modular system". Our specialized software modules are available immediately and only need to be adapted to your needs.

No project too small.
No challenge too big.

Digitalization can be a major project, but it doesn't have to be. We take care of the conversion of entire IT systems as well as small software tools that make your life easier. Where there are problems or gaps, we find solutions. Where you already have good solutions, we create efficient interfaces.