Are you ready for the laboratory of the future? ORELIO is! As a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) and unique complete solution, ORELIO bundles all the services that are essential for Laboratory 4.0. The paradigm shift towards comprehensive digitalization has thus been initiated.

ORELIO is a comprehensive laboratory software.

  • Unique complete solution
  • Laboratory Information Management System
  • Highest data security
  • Integration of existing systems
  • Interfaces to various locations and devices

The professional solution for the digitalization of laboratory analyses.

  • Optimized workflow in the laboratory and with patients
  • Scalable tests and analyses
  • Real-time data always and everywhere
  • Results analyses and visual processing
  • Your partner for a sustainable advantage in Laboratory 4.0

The digital future for efficient laboratory work.

  • Rapid implementation during ongoing operations
  • Secure cloud-based data storage
  • Location-independent processing and reporting
  • Individual authorization levels and approval processes
  • Audit-proof documentation

Your advantages at a glance

Efficient processing of many laboratory tests and analyses

Clear assignment of samples and personal data

Automated digital test transmission

Maximum data protection and security through multiple encryption

Simple operation with little training required.

Test data and results available on mobile devices and as printouts

Interface to existing systems and hardware

High transparency and traceability

Ready for immediate use - simple, fast and user-friendly.

The digitalized laboratory of the future with ORELIO is committed to the principle of maximum efficiency and simplicity - starting with the uncomplicated operability of the software.

Daily work with ORELIO does not require lengthy training. Thanks to a clear, intuitive user interface, it can be used immediately. ORELIO is a complete solution that does not rely on any additional systems. However, it is of course possible to connect existing software applications and hardware via interfaces. All data entry and recording takes place in real time and is paperless. This makes ORELIO an integrated Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS).


Data can be accessed at any time and from anywhere. A dedicated approval system ensures that this access is completely secure. All processes are highly transparent and traceable, and data security in accordance with the GDPR is ensured by state-of-the-art encryption.

"Thanks to ORELIO, we were able to massively shorten the sample processing time. The automated generation of findings and the connection to the various official systems significantly reduces the administrative workload, which frees up more capacity for us to concentrate on our core tasks in the laboratory."

Gregor Pilz, MSc.
imaH GmbH


It can happen that quickly.

Efficient digitalization ideas and strategies take time? That's right. But we have already pre-invested this time for our customers in the form of a practical "modular system". Our specialized software modules are available immediately and only need to be adapted to your needs.

No project too small.
No challenge too big.

Digitalization can be a major project, but it doesn't have to be. We take care of the conversion of entire IT systems as well as small software tools that make your life easier. Where there are problems or gaps, we find solutions. Where you already have good solutions, we create efficient interfaces.