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Our seminar series for secure and sustainable digitalization to increase digital competence in the company.

In collaboration with the Academy for Sustainability.

We know what it takes for efficient digitalization.

We would like to pass this knowledge on to you: In our individually bookable seminar series "Secure and sustainable digitalization of company processes and company data", you will learn everything about the most important digitalisation topics such as data protection, IT security, compliance requirements, etc. and benefit from a high level of practical relevance with case studies directly from the business world.

Get started digitally with our expertise.

Get to know the best and proven practices for digitizing your business processes. Our seminar series will enable you to develop a successful digitalization strategy and take full advantage of the benefits of technology while ensuring security and sustainability.

Collaboration with the Academy for Sustainability.

It is our pleasure to emphasize the successful and future-oriented cooperation with the Academy for Sustainability. This cooperation has enabled us to pave the way for secure and sustainable digitalization - a crucial component for sustainable business in our connected world. We understand that the combination of sustainability and advanced digital technology is not only a matter of responsibility, but also a strategic necessity.

We are convinced that the development of digital expertise is essential in order to meet the challenges of tomorrow. Our partnership with the Academy for Sustainability is a shining example of how education and business can work hand in hand to create both environmental and economic value. We look forward to continuing this fruitful collaboration to shape a sustainable and technologically advanced future together.

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We will be happy to provide you with a personal consultation to put together tailor-made training measures in the field of digitalization for you and your employees.

As part of our in-house training programmes, we can focus on your individual situation and the specific challenges in your company in order to offer maximum added value.